Fresh every Monday



Every Monday we have our wonderful, seasonal Italian produce is delivered directly from Milan.

Sourced from hand-picked suppliers, from all appropriate regions of Italy, to ensure absolute quality in terms of freshness, ripeness and the sunshine taste of Italy.

But of course, we’re no less picky with our British and non-Italian suppliers.

Here’s a list of some of the key ones who provide the raw ingredients for the Centotre menus:

  • Sirloin steaks: Buccleuch in Castle Douglas Dumfries and Galloway.
  • Organic Flour: Shipton Mill Tetbury Gloucestershire.
  • Milk, Cream, Butter, Yogurt: from our dear friend Carol Graham’s family at the Dairy Bridge of Allan, Stirling.
  • Coffee: Tera Santa plantation Brazil
  • Chocolate plaquettes: (Those delicious discs of rich 55% cocoa floating atop your cappuccino.) Switzerland.
  • Maldon Salt : Straight fro the sea, Maldon, Essex.
  • Pepper: Wynad, in Kerela, India.
  • Ricotta: Loch Arthur, Camphill, Beeswing, Dumfries.
  • Oxenrig free range eggs: Coldstream in Borders.
  • Crabs and Lobsters: Firth of Forth.
  • Sea Bass, Halibut: Eyemouth.
  • Herbs: Longforgan, Dundee.
  • Chanterelle mushrooms: Strathspey, Granton on Spey.
  • Sweet Milk: Wester Lawrenceton Farm, Moray.

(Above, you’ll see a Google Map. Over the next few weeks, we’ll pin-point where many of our favourite ingredients and wines come from.)


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