Centotre’s carbon footprint.



We’re passionate about what we buy, who we buy from, how we prepare our dishes and our customers enjoyment of their experience at centotre.

But we’re equally passionate about what happens at the end of the line, after the last plate is cleared from your table.

So since we opened, in April 2004, we’ve recycled all our cardboard, newspapers, glass and believe it or not our used cooking oil.

On average each year we’ll recycle 1 ton of cardboard, 20,000 litres of glass, 6,000 of cooking oil.

We’re trying to find someone who would like to recycle our food waste.

We don’t have much, naturally, but we still have enough that could happily help with a compost heap. (Salad leaves, tomato stalks, fish heads, coffee grinds just to mention a few.)

If you’re interested please get in touch.


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