Victor’s wine and food trip


Victor flew to Venice on Monday to meet his best pal, Michele, to taste new wines for us.

He told me it would be very hard work. Over 80 wines in 2 days to be tasted. Mission complete. (Such dedication!)

So now we’ll have some more great value new wines on the list by early Spring.

Venice done, next Milan to the fruit and veg market. This is my favourite place to visit. Unfortunately it was Victor’s turn to go. Vast market-halls packed with the very best fresh Italian fruit and vegetables from all over Italy. As usual, Victor was very hands-on, packing our pallet for this weeks delivery of our lovely pachino tomatoes, violet aubergines, peppers, artichokes, clementines and much much more.

Anyone that knows Victor knows how enthusiastic he gets and how he loves to talk to people. Well to cut a long story short. Guess what, he did strike up a conversation with someone, a deep one, and consequently, he missed the flight home. “Gate closed Signor Contini”.

VC Phone home: “Darling I was delayed in Milan, the traffic was terrible, I’ll just have to stay another night…….”

Not so fast Victor:

Thank goodness for BA! 6 hours and £350 later Victor’s home.



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