New Breakfast Menu


Spring’s here, and that means it’s time to introduce our lighter, new season’s breakfast menu.

Including; Nonna’s pancakes, delicate omelette’s, (free range but of course), delicious fresh fruit salads and fantastic organic porridge made with Graham’s wonderful Gold Milk.

All in all, the Centotre way to the perfect start to the day.

And remember, if there’s something special you’d like that’s not on the menu, you only have to ask and we’ll do our best to comply.

One of our customers, in a spicy mood so early in the day, wanted us to substitute Piccante sausage for the traditional pork ones on the menu: No problem.

Another customer wondered if we could rustle up a Spinach Bruschetta not on the menu? Absolutely.

From the welcome you receive when you walk through the door, to the food we offer on the menu to the service we provide throughout, we want you to be absolutely satisfied with every aspect of your visit.

For us, this attitude and commitment starts with the very first meal of the day to the last Grappa in the evening.

Bueno Appetito!


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