Edinburgh Coffee Mornings

Coffee morning @ Centotre

Coffee morning @ Centotre

Food, coffee, computers, mobiles & minds! For over two years now the digital & creative community in Edinburgh has been calling Centotre home for their weekly Friday coffee mornings.

We are proud to support their meets and look forward to it just about as much as they do! We’ve seen this coffee morning grow from a booth to almost half the restaurant! Up early with smiles on their faces, it’s the perfect way to head into the weekend.

We want to extend a big thank you to h and all of the Edinburgh Coffee Morning members for all they do for us and for choosing Centotre to be their gathering place.

We are more than happy to play host to any groups – mornings, evenings or otherwise. If you think Centotre might be the place for you, just ask a member of staff or just show up! During busier times it might be better to book (or if you would like to reserve the downstairs room) and we will do all we can to make sure your catered for.

If you’re interested in checking out the Creative & Digital coffee morning, everyone is welcome! It’s from 8a.m on, every Friday morning at Centotre.


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4 Responses to “Edinburgh Coffee Mornings”

  1. Wilby Says:

    I like this Coffee. It a great wake-up blend. I like that it is on the Subscribe and Send menu. Kudos to Coffee Peoplek!

  2. The Blog of Ross C Brown Says:

    Edinburgh Coffee Morning and Me…

    I did it guys!  I finally made it up in time to hang out with all the social media people who head on down to Edinburgh Coffee Morning at Centotre.  Well, I was actually late – but that is generally the story of my life. 
    Anyway, less about my t…

  3. Mike Coulter Says:

    Edinburgh Coffee Morning sounds fantastic.

    And that oldish, effeminate looking guy with the Camera looks really hot. (For his age.)

    Incidentally, does Edinburgh Coffee Morn have a hashtag? #EdCM or something.

    And does the camera guy do Weddings? Or am I mistaking him for other members of EdCM?

  4. Marc Says:

    I’ll miss these coffee mornings!! Tomorrow will be my last, as I’m returning to the US. A great place to meet up with an interesting collection of people thinking fascinating thoughts. Not a bad cup of coffee, either! ;c)

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