“And, we would walk 500 miles….”



The Contini family supported the charity 500 Miles in fine style today.

Covering a total of 9 miles if you tot up the team total.

Covering the 1 mile course in a dazzling time of around 9 Crostini and 24 Secondi, the team consisting of: Carina, Victor, Orlando, Carla and Arianna, plus kitchen staff Yvonne, (aka ‘Miss Cupcake’), Yuri & Attila, plus a gift-wrapped box of the Cup Cake Caffe’s finest, a pizza, a kilo or two of beautiful purple aubergines plus a 3 litre bottle of fine Frescobaldi.

On completing the course, Carina said: “One of the organisers of 500 Miles is the inspirational Olivia, a great friend of Centotre and we wanted so very much to support the event today.”

While Victor was somewhat more difficult to get a quote out of.

We’re not sure that is was due to lack of pre-race training, consuming most of the bottle of Frescobaldi throughout the race, or the fact that in a photo finish it look liked young Ariana beat Victor to the tape by a considerable margin.

All in all a wonderful afternoon in aid of a wonderful cause. And please, if you can, support the charity here on Victor and Carina’s Just Giving donation page for the event.

More photos here.

‘Miles for Smiles’ blog here.


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