Comments like this make it all worthwhile.



We recently picked up on the following comment received by the prestigious Restaurant Guide web site:

“My boyfriend and I visited Centotre last Friday night and what a great time we had! I had eaten there for lunch before but never been in the evening, the chandelier there is beautiful and creates a lovel ambience. It was my partner’s birthday so I requested one of the booths at the window which we were told normally cannot be reserved, the person who took the reservation said they would do their best to get one and sure enough one was saved for us when we arrived. We were greeted by the very friendly owner who showed us to our table. Our waitress was lovely, very attentive but also knew when to leave us alone. The food was delicious, fresh and not at all stodgy as is sometimes the case with Italians. After our meal we got chatting to the owner and after mentioning my boyfriend’s birthday were presented with two limoncellos on the house. It was a great night, we’ll definitely be back!”

Victor responds: “We’re both delighted and humbled at such praise, and grateful to customers who take the time to comment on these online guides.

It also encourages us to continually keep up and surpass the high standards we hold ourselves to in offering the very best to our customers.

Molte Grazie.”


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