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New Menu!!!

February 15, 2010

Exciting news – we have a fantastic new menu at Centotre we would love you to come and try it!!!

This month we are sending one of our boys Alan off on an adventure around the world. He will missed by the team and customers alike! As a thank you for all his hard work Lara has penned him a farewell poem!

Ode to Alan Main 

“Oh Alan, Alan Main, 

We’re sorry we have caused you to have a wine stain, 

We hope it did not cause you disdain, 

Because disdain may lead to pain, 

Is this rhyme in vain? 

Okay Alan, we will refrain, 

From driving you completely insane, 

Your patience is slain, 

Don’t beat us with your cane, I think it’s going to rain.