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Codewe $2 a day challenge

March 21, 2011

Centotre employees Stephen and Miro recently completed a charity challenge in which they survived on just $2 (£1.23) each day for all their food and drink. The boys were raising money for Codewe – a Ugandan charity with which Stephen is heavily involved – to develop a tree nursery in a rural area of Uganda. Codewe has done a lot of work planting tree seedlings and educating people about the value of trees to the environment and agriculture. This project will allow them to grow their own seedlings from seed and therefore do far more with the money they have available.

They succeeded in raising £439 through Centotre and would like to thank the customers and staff who contributed for all their help.
You can find out more about this project and the organisation in general at
If you would still like to donate towards this project you can do so by visiting the website.

“And, we would walk 500 miles….”

October 3, 2009


The Contini family supported the charity 500 Miles in fine style today.

Covering a total of 9 miles if you tot up the team total.

Covering the 1 mile course in a dazzling time of around 9 Crostini and 24 Secondi, the team consisting of: Carina, Victor, Orlando, Carla and Arianna, plus kitchen staff Yvonne, (aka ‘Miss Cupcake’), Yuri & Attila, plus a gift-wrapped box of the Cup Cake Caffe’s finest, a pizza, a kilo or two of beautiful purple aubergines plus a 3 litre bottle of fine Frescobaldi.

On completing the course, Carina said: “One of the organisers of 500 Miles is the inspirational Olivia, a great friend of Centotre and we wanted so very much to support the event today.”

While Victor was somewhat more difficult to get a quote out of.

We’re not sure that is was due to lack of pre-race training, consuming most of the bottle of Frescobaldi throughout the race, or the fact that in a photo finish it look liked young Ariana beat Victor to the tape by a considerable margin.

All in all a wonderful afternoon in aid of a wonderful cause. And please, if you can, support the charity here on Victor and Carina’s Just Giving donation page for the event.

More photos here.

‘Miles for Smiles’ blog here.

Cup Cake Caffe supports Teenage Cancer Trust.

September 15, 2009

Cup Cake Caffe Charity Auction

Come to the launch of the Cup Cake Caffe, and do your bit for charity as well as your waistline.

Centotre & Zanzero at the Fringe Festival

July 17, 2009

Edinburgh Fringe Festival
It’s almost that time of year again and this year we are happy to announce that Centotre and Zanzero are participating in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

Centotre (venue 228) will be presenting Jazz at Centotre!
We are delighted to welcome back the Jazzmain Trio. Enjoy the smooth sophisticated music in one of Edinburgh’s most beautiful rooms. Dinner menu available from £25/head. This event is only being held 3 days, so make sure you check it out. For dates & times please see Centotre’s Fringe page.

At Zanzero (venue 328) we’ll be having several Happy Food DIY Pizza Party!
We all love pizza so what’s better than learning how to make them? Bring your children to create their own pizza while having fun and then enjoy it. Refreshment and cone also included. For the dates & times, please see Zanzero’s Fringe page.

We look forward to seeing you and your friends & family soon!

Victor & Carina Contini