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Who’s that Customer? Jon Mountjoy.

September 28, 2009


Jon Mountjoy has been a friend of Centotre since 2007.

He’s lived in South Africa, the Netherlands, and now resides permanently in Edinburgh.  

Jon is a true global citizen who tends to work Californian hours, as his work life is centred around a thriving San Francisco-based company.  He often travels the world, but is kind enough to send us postcards.

He also loves his food and coffee and makes no secret of his love for our double macchiato and smoked salmon with scrambled eggs breakfasts. (The consummate multi-tasker he can often be seen in a booth with a fork in one hand, while running his business via an ever-open Apple MacBook Pro, on our super-fast broadband wi-fi.

When work is done and on the odd weekend off, Jon has been know to diligently explore Victor’s wine list, and such is his enthusiasm that he has on occasion been treated to a private tasting of some of Victor’s super-special wines.

A stalwart of Edinburgh Coffee Morning, (#EdCM) the weekly gathering of the great, the good and not so good of Web 2.0 in the city, Jon is always in demand from attendees for his insights, discoveries and enthusiasms for all things social media.

A power-user of Twitter, Quicksilver and all things OS X, Jon is also a keen photographer and student of the finer things in life, which is (we hope) why he’s such a fan of Centotre.

And, we hasten to add, why we’re such fans of him.

Happy Customers

September 1, 2009

Out of our 4000 customers last week we had just 4 complaints! That’s about 0.1% of our customers weren’t 100% satisfied with their experience. Of course we don’t want anyone to not enjoy their time with us, but we are trying really hard and are very happy with these results!

We’re always looking for ways to improve and keep our guests happy. If you have any suggestions please feel free to let us know!


Famous Faces: Ian Rankin

August 7, 2009
image courtesy of DigitalAgenc

Image courtesy of DigitalAgency

Every once and a while a face you might recognise more than most comes in to enjoy a coffee or dinner at Centotre.

Edinburgh native, Ian Rankin (pictured above) has recently been in and signed several copies of his new book, Doors Open, in which Centotre has a mention (Chapter 3 Page 21)!

You can pick up your very own signed copy at Centotre and look out for Ian at this years Edinburgh International Book Festival!